Pure Brazilian
Coconut Water

Purity is a symbol of innocence, and we make sure that Pure Brazilian is a beverage you’ll never feel guilty about. Grown and harvested from our own plantations in Northern Brazil, we hand-select every Anão coconut at their peak of perfection. Then using a very expensive farm-to-bottle process we protect the freshness and purity of our coconut water until it hits your lips. Our coconut water has no artificial flavors; no artificial preservatives; and no added sugar. And that adds up to ZERO complaints. And because we love where we come from, for every bottle sold, one square foot of the rainforest is preserved with our acts of sustainability in the Amazon Rainforest biome. Who knew drinking coconut water could be so good? Oh yea…we did.

The Pure Brazilian Coconut Water Ecosystem


The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is the birthplace of our coconut water


Picked at peak of perfection


Farm-to-Bottle artisanal and sustainable farming practices


Packed with natural electrolytes & contains zero sodium, zero fat, and zero sugar added


Reciprocal relationship 1 bottle sold = 1 sq. ft. of preserved Amazon Rainforest

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