Coconut water, or ‘Agua de Coco’ to the locals, purrs all good things Brazil, with their humble Anão coconut a National Treasure alongside superstars Gisele and Pelé. Icy-cold, artisanal coconut water has always been synonymous with the exotic beaches of Rio and Jericoacoara, yet the birth and explosive growth of packaged coconut water from 2004 saw a temporary Brazilian coconut supply shortage. Over time, what has ensued since has been an almost incognito movement by the large beverage companies – to the detriment of loyal coconut water consumers everywhere – away from ‘real,’ premier, Brazilian-sourced Agua de Coco. The stop-gap beneficiary? Inferior, boxed (long-life) heavily pasteurized coconut water sourced from Thailand and broader Asia, where coconuts are prized not for their water – which is considered a by-product – but for their meat and oil, and largely grown in less than sanitary conditions by impoverished farmers and street vendors.

Fast forward to 2017, and Pure Brazilian is here and Anão, primed to put Brazilian sourced coconut water back in its rightful place in the consumers’ hearts and tummies (and fortunately with an average of 25% less calories than their Asian propagated peers!). The proof is in the water – Pure Brazilian seldom loses a blind taste test and is adored and trusted by Brazilian expats in the US and EU, a testament to the authenticity of Pure Brazilian’s game-changing product and the mantra that “not all coconuts are the same.” Unlike competitors, Pure Brazilian owns its supply chain from Farm-to-Bottle, with coconuts nurtured and cut by hand, grown like a fine wine on plantations nestled in the world’s tropical food bowl, the Amazon biome. And you can feel good while drinking – the Pure Brazilian team donates 1% of sales to the world’s pre-eminent environmental organization, Conservation International, to help them reforest the lungs of the Earth, our precious Amazon rainforest.

You need quality grapes to produce quality wine. It´s the same with coconut water. The type of coconuts used to produce the water really matters.